Photo taken with a Canon 5D MkII and a Canon MP-E 65mm (ISO800 - f/8 - 1/100s)

In Through the lens ...

If you were to create, ignoring the science of colors, a masterpiece is that ignorance is your way. But if you can not, without knowledge, to create a masterpiece, then you'd better learn.

Johannes Itten (Switzerland Painter 1888-1967)

My heartfelt thanks to Tom S.Y. (graph) and Michel M. (HTML/CSS/PHP) for their assistance in the creation and/or technical explanations on the creation of the Website.

Welcome to my photography site.

This site aims to show my photos, but also to explain certain techniques, systems, or manipulation features from the world of photography. I try to progressively themes to explain in simple terms , features, or functions such particularities. My site is not profit-making, I gain nothing above is just a presentation of one of my passions.

Chapter History is my personal story of the photographic world. A bit small, but I'll tackle explain my photographic journey.

Panoramic taken with a Canon 5D MkII and Canon 24-70mm (ISO800 - f/7.1 - 1/125s)

Chapter 'Photography' as stated, is the location of my photos.

I'm not really well-defined themes. Someone I'm pretty open about it. I understand that some people want to be as focused or landscape, and so on. Personally I prefer to see the whole world through the prism of the lens, rather than just one small part.

Some themes attract me especially, of course. Some of these issues are part of my other passions., But I try to show the whole world, as I feel through my eyes my photos.

I'm not a professional photographer, I have not been training in photography. I'd like to do to allow me bearing my lack, or perhaps to change my way of doing things on one theme or another. I just formed by reading photographic magazines, watching photo books, or chatting with friends amateur photographers like me. So enjoy watching the world through my eyes and through the lens of a camera.

Photo taken with an Olympus E-3 and an Olympus 14-54mm (ISO100 - f/3.5 - 1/200s)

Chapter 'Technical' is obviously dedicated to all photographic technique. I speak equipment, functions, features, and others. I have divided this chapter into several parts, some in a few sentences, other in a few paragraphs.

Selection 'The Materials' unveil what is this or that material, as well as its function and possible use. I explain these various systems without preference for any particular brand. I want to remain free on my website. If a material more features or performance between two marks, I tell you.

The theme 'Functions' explain the functional characteristics of a device or faculty present on photographic materials.

choice 'Types of Photos' show the different themes present in the vast world of photography, showing or explaining how to pass a subject or another.

And then 'Useful Sites' provides links to sites that can help or direct me as an amateur photographer, in its infancy.

If you see a theme that I have not touched or that I have not sufficiently addressed, send me a message to tell me. I try to do my best to meet your expectations, but do not forget, I also work. I could not complete the site as fast as we want.

Photo taken with an Olympus E-3 and an Olympus 70-300mm (ISO100 - f/9.2 - 1/250s)

Part 'Photographers' includes amateur photographers who are friends, or professional photographers whose work I like. These are direct links to the sites of these people. If you know of others, tell to me I can see their work and they like me, I would put their links on my site.

Hoping that you have as much fun in the eyes, that I had to watch and photograph the world as I watched, by viewing my photos as the techniques I have shown you or explained.

If you find or see any errors let me know thank you, it may be that I wanted to say something, and as I have explained in such a way that we understand the contrary. For errors spelling, grammatical or translation, please tell me the error. thank you in advance to make this gesture, both for me and for people who can come to my site. To contact me, please use the links on the pages.

Photo taken with a Canon 5D MkII, a Canon 70-200mm et un filter ND1000 (ISO100 - f/6.3 - 5 min.)


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